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Lower limb joint rehabilitation device
Product Details

 Technique feature of product:

The lower limb CPM is the newly-designed medical equipment product, the main technique feature of product are as follows:

1. Special designed motor drive, run steadily, low noise, and long span life.

2. Microcomputer digital control design and it also adopt imported integrated parts, high volume imported CPU and intelligent program design, the machine also has the function of over-load protection.

3. Considering the need of medical curing, the motion range is wide (add the function of ankle joint movement).

4. Optimized structure design.


Main structure:

This machine is made up of host computer, supporting pole, leather cushion, hand controller, and so on.

The main capability parameters are as follows:

Angle motion range of knee joint:0°—125°;

Angle motion speed range of hip joint:25°—100°

Angle motion speed range of ankle joint:0°—40°

Angle motion speed range:0.5°—3.5°/s;

Angle motion range of foot plate: ≤40°

Power supply:220Vac,50Hz


Technique features:

1. Manual stepless-speed, Manual mechanical location; 

2. Adopt DC motor, more safety;

3. Adopt screw rod, running distance is 50cm, suit to adult less than 1.9m.

4.  With simple ankle recovery function, angle range:0°-40°

 5.  Angle range:-5°-120° ,time range:0-240 min