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Automatic Tourniquet System YTQ-B
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Automatic Tourniquet System(ATS) 
Medical Disposable CUFF 

Medical equipment necessary for limb surgery:Automatic Tourniquet System(ATS)/Medical Disposable CUFF
Product Details

Technique feature of product

The automatic tourniquet system includes the main body and cuff.

The cuff has three standard sizes, each suitable for adults’ lower limb, adults’ upper limb and children’s limbs. Except the standard sizes, chose other sizes if need. Please see the attach files in detail.

This system adopts imported transducer with the function of calculating and equalizing the pressure, and the high quality motor has low noise, add pressure quickly. The imported high capacity CPU controls the pressure exactly and the display data is very clear. The electromagnetic valve can deflate automatically.


The main capability parameters are as follows:

1. The maximum pressure:        90KPa(675mmHg);

2. Time for ending alarm:         10s

3. Pressure range:                1kPa-90kPa

4. Power of whole machine:        no more than 25W

5. Time set range:                0–99 min

6. Power supply:                 220V50Hz