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Upper Limb Continuous passive motion(Elbow Vertical)
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Upper Limb Continuous passive motion、Elbow Joint CPM(Vertical) 

Hangzhou Zhengda Medical developed for rehabilitation exercise after elbow joint surgery
Product Details

Technical features:

1. Micro motor drive, reasonable mechanical structure design, material selection, high precision, stable operation, low noise and long service life.

2. The design of micro and special computer digital control adopts imported integrated components, with large capacity imported CPU central processing unit, intelligent software programming, and overload protection and other functions.

3. LCD display, all parameters at a glance, convenient for medical and clinical research.

4. The same machine can be used in the elbow joint of patients, and the range of motion is increased. It is generally suitable for adults as well as children. The medical treatment needs were fully considered.

5. The elbow joint movement conversion is convenient, the length adjustment method is flexible, and the product has a wide range of applications, which can be used for the passive movement of the left and right elbow joints of patients.

6. The optimal structure design is adopted, and the distribution of joint angle and velocity is reasonable.