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Air Compression Therapy System
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Air Compression Therapy 
Blood circulation system 

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Product Details

1.  Product nameCompression Therapy System

2.  Product type

ZD-2000B: Pressure gauge display, LED digital display time, Pressure regulating Knob, Single channel with five chambers supplying air circulation

3.  Product executive standardYZB/ Zhe 2919-2011Compression Therapy System

4.  Product summaryCompression Therapy System is designed, developed and produced by our company, which is used to the physical therapy of the people, it’s belong to the BF model and II class. It’s mainly made up of air bag (including upper limb air bag, lower limb air bag) and main machine (pump). The main machine connect with airbag by tubes, the principle is that the air enter the airbag by the pump, make the pressure increasing to inflate and decreasing to deflate. The air pressure is mainly working in the body of user and promote the circulation of vein blood and the back flow of lymph so that strengthen the circulation of artery blood to achieve nutrition partly and prevent deep vein thrombosis. The material is made from PVC or TPU coated material, and press fit by high-frequency machine and sewing to forming bag.